Holy Potosi

Saludos cordiales,

Friday was the day that we left our base at Hostal Republica and ascended to the Refugio at Huanya Potosi (4,800m). After a lengthy period of sorting out our kit and packing it into the bus(!), we set off for Huanya Potosi, a journey with stunning views of the surrounding lakes and mountains.

The refugio is very homely, and much warmer than we were all expecting! Everyone took Friday afternoon as time to settle in to the lodge and to adapt to a higher altitude. Our first research day took place throughout the day on Saturday, in our pop-up lab within the lodge. This was a very successful day, with many of our volunteers keen to take part in our research and learn new skills!

Below are the photos of the lake beside the lodge - a great place to relax between research days.

Sunday was a day off for all of us. We decided to trek as a team to the glacier at the base of Huanya Potosi mountain, a hike that took us above the clouds!


Everyone remains very well and in high spirits - we are all having a great time at Huanya Potosi!

Saludos cordiales,
Jason and the APEX 5 team


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